Summary of the Book of 1 Chronicles

The Book of First Chronicles covers a series of genealogies and then the history of the last days of King Saul and the early years of King David. Some of the main events include: 2) The return of the ark to Jerusalem (1 Chronicles 13-16). Included in this section is the account of the misfortune of Uzzah, who was killed when he reached forth to save the ark from falling (1 Chronicles 13). 3) David purposes to build the temple but is forbidden because of the great amount of bloodshed to which he has been a party (1 Chronicles 17). 4) The account of David's conquests (1 Chronicles 18-20). 5) The census and the plague (1 Chronicles 21). 6) David's preparations for building the temple (1 Chronicles 22). Although David was himself forbidden to build a temple for God, he set about to collect the necessary materials for such a temple, that the task of his son Solomon might be easier. 7) Designation of the duties of the Levites (1 Chronicles 23). 8) Organization of the government (1 Chronicles 24). 9) David's last words and his death (1 Chronicles 28-29).