Spartacus in Roman Biography

Spar'ta-cus, a Thracian soldier, who was taken prisoner by the Romans, reduced to slavery, and trained as a gladiator. Having escaped with a number of his associates, he became leader of a numerous band, and defeated Claudius Pulcher, who was sent against him about 73 R>c. Having proclaimed freedom to all slaves who should join him, he raised a powerful army and defeated several times the consuls sent against him. He was prudent as well as brave. His army amounted to about 100,000 men, and was invincible until dissensions arose among them. In 71 B.C. he was blockaded by M. Licinius Crassus at Rhegium, and killed in a battle which ended the great Servile war. Spartacus was an extraordinary man, and had the qualities of a hero. See Livv, " Epitome;" Merimeb, "Guerre sociaie;" " Nouvelle Biographie Generale."

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