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Sostratus (Σώστρατος Sostratos) may refer to: Sostratus of Cnidus Sostratus of Cnidus (born 3rd century BC), was a Greek architect and engineer. He designed the lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the World (ca.280 BC), on the island of Pharos off Alexandria, Egypt. Sostratus of Dyme Sostratus (Σώστρατος) was a Greek mythological hero, he was a friend of Hercules. He was Achaean from the ancient city of Dyme, held in veneration by its inhabitants. When Pausanias mentioned him when he visited Dyme, in the side of a public road where it had the tomb of Sostradus in which it was built by Hercules for his honoring his friend. At his tomb. it had a pillar with the form of Hercules in which the Dymeans received them military service.[1] Different sources and archeology which identified with Polystratus, a hero of Dyme which he helped Hercules in the war against the Elean king Augeas and he was killed there. In archaeological excavations founded a pillar with that which was recorded by Pausanias where it had the tomb of Sostratus not with the name Polystratus.[2] Sostratus of Pellene Sostratus (Σώστρατος Sostratos) was an Ancient Greek Olympian. He was from the Achaean Pellene and won in the Olympic Games in the 80th Olympiad in 460 BC in the stadium. According to Pausanias, Sostratus tried the Olympic victory for the Achaeans after many years as according to a myth in 156 BC in the 6th Olympiad, Oibotas of Dyme won as the Dymeans did not awatd as they tried that to curse for not win again as an Achaean in the Olympic Games. The mythology said that the curse caught and that, the Achaeans tried to receive other awards and the statue that brought to Olympia. Then, Sostratus won in the stadium broke the curse.[1] Sostratus of Macedon Sostratus son of Amyntas, a noble Macedonian youth, in the service of Alexander the Great. He was one of those implicated in the conspiracy of the pages against that monarch, for which he was stoned to death together with his lover Hermolaus

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