Severus Alexander in Roman Biography

Se-ve'rus, [Fr. Severe, sa'vaiR',] (Alexander,) a Roman emperor, born in Phoenicia about 205 A.D., was a son of Gessius Marcjanus and Julia Mammaea. In 221 he was adopted by his cousin Elagabalus, then emperor, who also gave him the title of Caesar. He was called M. Aurelius Alexander before his accession to the throne. Elagabalus soon became jealous, and made several unsuccessful efforts to destroy Alexander. He succeeded Elagabalus in March, 222 A.D , and assumed the name 0/ Severus. During the first nine years he reigned in peace, and applied himself to the reform of abuses. The King of Persia having renewed hostilities, Severus marched across the Euphrates, defeated the Persians in 232, and returned to Rome. He was preparing to repel an irruption of the Germans, when he was killed by his mutinous troops in 235 A.D. He was greatly distinguished for his wisdom, justice, clemency, and other virtues. See Gibbon, '* Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire :" Tili.emont, " Histoire des Empereurs ;" Lampridius, "Alexander Severus."