Sciron in Wikipedia

In Greek mythology, Sciron (Ancient Greek: Σκίρων; gen.: Σκίρωνoς) was a robber killed by Theseus. He forced travelers to wash his feet. While they knelt before him, he kicked them off a cliff behind them, where they were eaten by a sea monster (or a giant turtle). Theseus pushed him off the cliff. The Megarians, however, claimed that Sciron was not a robber, but a prince of Megara, and son of King Pylus; father of Endeis, wife of Aeacus. (Plut. Thes. 10 ) A passage in Ovid (Met. 7.444), where the poet claims that certain cliffs by the name of Sciron owe their name to the man, suggests an aetiological origin for the tale. - Wikipedia