Rusa I in Wikipedia

Rusa I (ruled 735-713 BC) was a King of Urartu. He succeeded his father, the great King Sarduri II. Reign Before Rusa's reign had begun, his father, King Sarduri II the Great, had already expanded the kingdom as far south as Nineveh and had annexed various Assyrian and Anatolian territories. However, when Rusa I inherited the throne, the Assyrians had regrouped under the War-General Tiglath-Pileser III and had rapidly become a formidable foe. They continuously attacked the Urartian Kingdom, thus forcing Rusa I to spend his early years as King fighting the forces of Assyria. The conflict took a heavy toll on the Urartian Kingdom, particularly its economy. After suffering numerous reverses, the Urartians lost the majority of the territory it had annexed under Sarduri II to Tiglath-Pileser III. After Tiglath-Pileser III's death, the region became restive during the reign of Shalmanassar V, but not for long. Sargon II, who came to the throne in 722 BC continued the hostility against the Urartians. He declared war against the Urartians in 715 BC, thus beginning the Urartu-Assyria War. After defeating the Urartian ally Mettati, the Assyrians attacked Urartu. Rusa I was decisively defeated in this war and the Urartians were forces to pay a hefty ransom from then on.