Roman Legionary Camp

Roman Legion Camp at Masada. How Long Until the Legion Captured Masada? The Jewish Zealots held out for three long years after the Temple was destroyed and Jerusalem was brought down to rubble and burned to ashes. Masada was the last fortress of the Jews and every other Jewish stronghold was captured. It was just a matter of time, so the Jewish Zealots committed suicide, after deciding that death was better for them than capture by the Romans. This Roman Legionary encampment which can be seen today is a testimony in Biblical Archaeology, it reveals the encampment of the ones who destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD. The destruction of Jerusalem was dreadfully foreseen and predicted by Jesus. "As the flames shot up, a cry, as poignant as the tragedy, arose from the Jews, who flock to the rescue," - Josephus, he also added: "lost to all thought of self-preservation, all husbanding of strength, now that the object of all their past vigilance was vanishing." - Flavius Josephus

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