Ptolemy VI and Cleopatra II Coin

Egyptian Bronze Coin of Ptolemy VI and Cleopatra II This large (30mm) bronze coin dates to the co-rule of Ptolemy VI Philometor with his sister (and wife), Cleopatra II, between 176-145 B.C. Ptolemy VI had an eventful reign marked by the increasing influence of Rome in Egyptian politics. From 169-164 B.C., Ptolemy VI ruled as part of a triumvirate composed of himself, his sister/wife, and his younger brother, Ptolemy VIII Physcon. Infighting between the siblings led to Ptolemy VI's temporary expulsion from Egypt in 164, leading him to go to Rome and beg for support. The famous senator Cato the Elder backed his claim, and Ptolemy VI was restored in 163. The remainder of his co-rule is characterized by distrust and political maneuverings between the siblings that further weakened the Ptolemaic Empire.

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