Persian Period in Anatolia and Asia Minor

Medes and Persians who, in the 13th C. BCE, entered Northwest Persia via Caucasus were of Indo-European origin. Medes settled first in the Ecbatana region (today's Hamadan), and Persians settled in the mountainous Zagros region later they moved to another area called Parthia. Medes and Persians were first mentioned in the annals of Assyrians in about 843 and 835 BCE... Medes, towards the end of 8th C. BCE., gathered and built the foundations of their first kingdom. About 715 BCE the Median chieftain Dayaukku, led the Medes in an unsuccessful rebellion against the Assyrian king Sargon II (reigned 722-705 BCE). The later rulers of Media considered Dayaukku the founder of the Median dynasty.

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