Paulus in Roman Biography

Paulus, (Lucius ^milius,) a son of the preceding, was born about 230 B.C., and was the most celebrated member of his family. He was a fine specimen of the old Roman aristocracy, and was a brother-in-law of Scipio Africanus, the conqueror of Hannibal. Elected praetor for the year 191 B.C., he obtained as his province Farther Spain, where he defeated the Lusitani in a great battle. In the year 189 he returned to Rome, and in 182 was elected consul, after having been defeated at several elections. With a view to finish the Macedonian war, the people elected him consul in 168 B.C. He gained in the same year a decisive victory over Perseus at Pydna, and afterwards took that king prisoner. He returned to Rome in 167, and obtained the honour of a triumph, with the surname of Mackdonicus. He died in 160 B.C., leaving a high reputation for honour and integrity. Plutarch has written his life and drawn a comparison between him and Timoleon. One of his sons was adopted by the son of the great Scipio above named, and became afterwards celebrated as Scipio Africanus the younger. See Livv, "History of " Rome," books xxxiv.-xl. ; Plutarch, Paulus jEmilius ;" Aurelius Victor, " De Viris illustribus.

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