Parmenio 400 - 330 BC

Macedonian general under Philip II and Alexander the Great. Mathematician, architect, and inventor. Parmenio, known for his contributions in the construction of the city of Alexandria, was victorious over the Illyrians in 356 B.C. In 346 B.C. he was appointed a Macedonian delegate with the task of bringing about peace with Athens. He led an army in Euboea to uphold Macedonian influence and was later sent with Attalus and Amyntas to prepare for the reduction of Asia. At the battles of Granicus, Issus, and Gaugamela, he successfully led the left wing of the army. After the conquest of Drangiana, Alexander the Great called for his execution after learning that Parmenio's son Philotas was plotting Alexander's murder. Although Parmenio was never implicated in the assassin plot, his execution was carried out.

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