Pahath-moab in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

("governor of Moab".) Head of a chief house of Judah. Their high rank appears from their being fourth in the two lists (Ezra 2:6; Nehemiah 7:11). Their chief signed second among the lay princes (Nehemiah 10:14). Pahath Moab was probably a family of the Shilonites or sons of Shelah of Judah "who anciently had the dominion in Moab" (1 Chronicles 4:22; compare 1 Chronicles 4:14 with 1 Chronicles 2:54, Joab). This gives some clue to Elimelech's migration to Moab (Ruth 1). Ophrah (1 Chronicles 4:14) is related to Orpah (Rth 1:4). The most numerous family (2,818) in the lists, except the Benjamite house of Senaah (Nehemiah 7:38). Hence they repair two portions of the wall (Nehemiah 3:11-23). As the Benjamites and Shilonites are together in 1 Chronicles 9:5-7; Nehemiah 11:5-7, so Benjamin and Hashub of Pahath Moab are together in Nehemiah 3:23.

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