Padan Aram in Smiths Bible Dictionary

By this name, which signifies the table-land of Aram, i.e. Syriac, the Hebrews designated the tract of country which they otherwise called the Aram-naharaim, "Aram of the two of rivers," the Greek Mesopotamia, Ge 24:10 and "the field (Authorized Version,'country') of Syria." Ho 12:13 The term was perhaps more especially applied to that portion which bordered on the Euphrates, to distinguish if from the mountainous districts in the north and northeast of Mesopotamia. It is elsewhere called PADAN simply. Ge 48:7 Abraham obtained a wife for Isaac from Padan- aram. Ge 25:20 Jacob's wives were also from Padan-aram, Ge 28:2,5,6,7; 31:1-8; 33:18

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