Outline of the Book of Genesis

Quick Survey of Genesis. – –1-2 – –The creation of the universe, the world, all living things, and man. The conditions of man in paradise. – –3 – –The original sin of Adam and Eve, and God casting them out of paradise. – –4-5 – – The history of Adam and his descendents all the way to the time of Noah and the flood. – –6-7 – – The exceeding wickedness of all mankind, the destruction of the world by the flood, and Gods preservation of Noah and his family. – – 8-9 – – The restoration of the world, God's covenant to Noah for all mankind and the rainbow, the prophecy of Noah. – –10 – – The repopulation of the world and the table of Nations by the sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, Japheth and their descendents. – –11 – – The building of the Tower of Babel, Nimrod, the confusion of tongues, and God scattering mankind throughout the world. – –12-25 – – The history and migration of Abraham and his family as pilgrims in the land of Canaan. – –26-27 – – The history of Isaac and his family. – –28-36 – – The history of Jacob and his family. – –37- 40 – – The history of Joseph and his brothers. – –41-50– – The history of Joseph's exaltation by God in the land of Egypt and God's incredible plan for the Hebrews.

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