Otho in Roman Biography

O'tho, [Fr. Othon, o't6.N',] (Marcus Salvius,) Emperor of Rome, born about 32 a.d., was descended from a patrician family. He was for a time an intimate associate of Nero, until the attachment of the latter for Poppaea, Otho's wife, caused a rupture between them. He supported Galba in his revolt against Nero, in 68 A.D., but, disappointed that the former did not appoint him his successor, he conspired with the guards, took the life of Galba, and assumed the supreme power. He soon after marched against Caecina, a general of Vitellius, who had been proclaimed emperor by the legions in Germany. His army having been totally defeated near Bebriacum, Otho destroyed himself in April, 69 A.D., and was succeeded by Vitellius. Otho was a man of profligate character. See Plutarch, "Life of Otho;" Mrrivai.e, "The Romans under the Empire :" Suetonius, "Otho;" W. E. Weber, "Kaiser M. Salvius Otho," 1815 ; " Nouvelle Biographie Gene>ale."

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