Olive in Naves Topical Bible

(A fruit tree) -Branch of, brought by the dove to Noah's ark Ge 8:11 -Common to the land of Canaan Ex 23:11; De 6:11; 8:8 -Israelites commanded to cultivate in the land of promise De 28:40 -Branches of, used for booths (huts) Ne 8:15 -Bears flowers Job 15:33 -Precepts concerning gleaning the fruit of De 24:20; Isa 17:6 -The cherubs made of the wood of 1Ki 6:23,31-33 -Fable of Jud 9:8 -FIGURATIVE Of prosperity Ps 128:3 The wild, a figure of the Gentiles; the cultivated, of the Jews Ro 11:17-21,24 -SYMBOLICAL Zec 4:2-12; Re 11:4 -FRUIT OF Oil extracted from, used as illuminating oil in the tabernacle Ex 39:37; Le 24:2; Zec 4:12

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