Nose-Jewels in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE

noz-ju'-elz, -joo'-elz (nezem (probably from nazam, "muzzle") a "nose-ring," or "nose-jewel," so rendered in Isa 3:21; "jewel in a swine's snout," Prov 11:22, the King James Version margin "ring"; "jewel on thy forehead," Ezek 16:12, "ring upon thy nose"): In Gen 24:22, the King James Version rendered incorrectly "earring"; compare Gen 24:47. Indeed, the word had also a more generic meaning of "ring" or "jewelry," whether worn in the nose or not. See Gen 35:4; Ex 32:2, where the ornament was worn in the ear. There are several cases without specification, uniformly rendered, without good reason, however, "earring" in the King James Version (Ex 35:22; Jdg 8:24,25; Job 42:11 ("ring"); Prov 25:12; Hos 2:13 (15)). The nose-jewel was made of gold or of silver, usually, and worn by many women of the East. It was a ring of from an inch to about three inches (in extreme cases) in diameter, and was passed through the right nostril. Usually there were pendant from the metal ring jewels, beads or coral. Such ornaments are still worn in some parts of the East.

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