Nethaneel in Naves Topical Bible

-1. The prince of the tribe of Issachar Counts the tribe Nu 1:8 Captain of the host of Issachar Nu 2:5; 10:15 Liberality of, for the tabernacle Nu 7:18-23 -2. A priest and doorkeeper for the ark of the covenant 1Ch 15:24 -3. A Levite 1Ch 24:6 -4. Son of Obed-edom, and porter of the temple 1Ch 26:4 -5. A prince sent by Jehoshaphat to teach the law in the cities of Judah 2Ch 17:7 -6. A Levite 2Ch 35:9 -7. A priest who divorced his Gentile wife Ezr 10:22 -8. A priest Ne 12:21 -9. A Levite and musician Ne 12:36

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