Neferirkare in Wikipedia

Neferirkare was an Eighth dynasty king of ancient Egypt during the First Intermediate Period. His name is only clearly attested in the Abydos King List but it is assumed that the reign length figure for the last 8th dynasty king belongs to him in the Turin Canon. He is listed in line 56 of the Abydos King List as the last ruler of this dynasty prior to the collapse of the Old Kingdom.[1] Neferirkare, assuming he was the last king of this dynasty, is given a reign length of one and-a-half years in the Turin Canon.[2] He was possibly overthrown by the first king of the Ninth Dynasty, Meribre Khety I, of Herakleopolis or by the onset of low Nile floods and mass famine and chaos which engulfed Egypt following the start of the First Intermediate Period.

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