Nathan in Smiths Bible Dictionary

(a giver). 1. An eminent Hebrew prophet in the reigns of David and Solomon. (B.C. 1015.) He first appears in the consultation with David about the building of the temple. 2Sa 7:2,3,17 He next comes forward as the reprover of David for the sin with Bathsheba; and his famous apologue on the rich man and the ewe lamb, which is the only direct example of his prophetic power, shows it to have been of a very high order. 2Sa 12:1-12 2. A son of David; one of the four who were borne to him by Bathsheba. 1Ch 3:5 comp, 1Chr 14:4 and 2Sam 5:14 3. Son or brother of one of the members of David's guard. 2Sa 23:36; 1Ch 11:38 4. One of the head men who returned from Babylon with Ezra on his second expedition. Ezr 8:16 1 Esdr. 8:44. It is not impossible that he may be the same with the "son of Bani." Ezr 10:39

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