Nahshon in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Son of Amminadab, prince of Judah; assisted Moses and Aaron at the first numbering in the wilderness (1 Chronicles 2:10; Exodus 6:23; Numbers 1:7). His sister Elisheba married Aaron. Salmon his son married Rahab after the fall of Jericho. First in the encampment, the march, as captain of Judah (Numbers 2:3; Numbers 10:14; Numbers 7:12), and in offering for dedicating the altar; but third in order at the census (Numbers 1:1-7); died in the wilderness (Numbers 26:64-65). The sixth in descent from Judah, inclusive; David was fifth after him (Rth 4:18-20; Matthew 1:4; Luke 3:32; 1 Chronicles 2:10-12).

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