Nahor in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

1. Abraham's grandfather. 2. Abraham's brother. (See ABRAHAM.) Nahor was his elder brother; married Milcah his niece, Haran's daughter, who bore eight sons (Genesis 11:26-29; Genesis 22:20-24). His concubine Reumah bore Zebah and Maachah (whose descendants David came in contact with: 1 Chronicles 18:8; 1 Chronicles 19:6), Gaham and Thahash. Bethuel his son was Rebekah's father. She formed a tie between Abraham's seed and the original Mesopotamian family. Laban and Jacob's connection renewed it, then it closes. Laban, with polytheistic notions, distinguishes between his god "the god of Nahor" and "the God of Abraham," Jacob's God (Genesis 31:3; Genesis 31:5; Genesis 31:19; Genesis 31:29; Genesis 31:42; Genesis 31:49; Genesis 31:53; Joshua 24:2), "the God of Abraham and the Fear of Isaac." El Naura is a town on Euphrates above Hit.

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