Nadab in Naves Topical Bible

-1. Son of Aaron Ex 6:23 Called to Mount Sinai with Moses and Aaron to worship Ex 24:1,9,10 Set apart to priesthood Ex 28:1,4,40-43 Offers "strange" (unauthorized) fire to God, and is destroyed Le 10:1,2; Nu 3:4; 26:61 Is buried Le 10:4,5 His father and brothers forbidden to mourn Le 10:6,7 -2. Son and successor of Jeroboam 1Ki 14:20 His wicked reign; murdered by Baasha 1Ki 15:25-31 -3. Great-grandson of Jerahmeel 1Ch 2:28,30 -4. A Benjamite 1Ch 8:30; 9:36

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