Mount Zion - General View

The name "Mount Zion" now refers to the part of the western hill south of the Old City beyond Zion Gate. In the Old Testament period, the name was used for the lower eastern hill, now known as the City of David. The present Mount Zion is bordered on the west and south by the Hinnom Valley and on the east by the Tyropean Valley. Although now outside the city walls, Mt. Zion was within the city walls in the late second Temple period (2nd century B.C.E.- 70 C.E.). As the tradtional site of King David's tomb it has long been the focus of Jewish pilgrimage. The area also contains several sites sacred to Christianity: the room of the last supper (the Upper Room), the Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu, and the Dormition Abbey. [Archaeology] [Images of selected sites in Jerusalem]

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