Mount of Olives - Dominus Flevit Church

Christian tradition has it that after Jesus had left Bethphage on his way to Jerusalem, he passed through this place. It is on this site that the city of Jerusalem appeared to him, following a speech bemoaning the destiny of the city. This is echoed in the name of the church, which means in Latin: "The Lord Cried." This tradition traces back to Byzantine times. On constructing the new church in 1954, a large cemetery was uncovered further to the east, which dates from the age of the second Temple. In the courtyard lie sarcophagi, some of which carry inscriptions in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, with names like Zechariyah, Jesus, Mary, and "˜Azariyah. The alter, both in the new church and in the ancient church, faced towards the west, namely the Temple mount, not towards the east as usual. The modern aspe has an arched window through which the old city and temple mount loom up. [Archaeology] [Images of selected sites in Jerusalem]

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