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Metrodorus (Greek: Μητρόδωρος, Mētrodōros, "mother's gift") is the name of numerous historical figures, including: * Metrodorus of Lampsacus (the elder) (5th century BC) - philosopher from the school of Anaxagoras * Metrodorus of Cos (5th century BC) - Pythagorean writer * Metrodorus of Chios (4th century BC) - philosopher from the school of Democritus * Metrodorus of Lampsacus (the younger) (331–278 BC) - Epicurean philosopher * Metrodorus of Athens (mid 2nd century BC) - philosopher and painter * Metrodorus of Stratonicea (late 2nd century BC) - philosopher, originally Epicurean, later a follower of Carneades * Metrodorus of Scepsis (1st century BC) - writer, orator and politician * Metrodorus (grammarian) (c. 6th-century) - grammarian and mathematician, who collected the mathematical epigrams in the Greek Anthology * Metrodorus (4th century BC) - physician who married Aristotle's daughter Pythias * Metrodorus (late 3rd, early 2nd century BC) - general in the employ of Philip V of Macedon during the Cretan War * Metrodorus (late 1st, early 2nd century AD) - pupil of the physician Sabinus

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