Mazarron Wrecks

The Vessel I of Mazarrón was excavated in the spring of 1995, inside the context of the 'Nave Fenicia' proyect, it began in October of 1993 and it concluded about June of 1995. In this project it were prospected systematically 72.000 m2 at the Playa de la Isla Mazarrón (Murcia), and it were recovered more than 7.000 fragments of phoenician objects, the wessel I (Mazzarrón I) was excavated, it was carried out an underwater mold of the remains, it was recovered and I carried to the Museum. and the Ship II was located, it is also a phoenician ship, with similar characteristics of the first one. This second ship was covered appropriately and it remains are, even, in the sea bottom of the mentioned bay.

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