Mattithiah in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE

mat-i-thi'-a (mattithyah, or mattithyahu, "gift of Yah"): (1) The Mattithiah of Neh 8:4 (1st spelling) was one of those who stood at Ezra's right hand while he read the law (compare 1 Esdras 9:43). He may be the individual set over "things that were baked in pans" (1 Ch 9:31). (2) One of those appointed by David to minister before the ark, and to "celebrate and to thank and praise Yahweh, the God of Israel" (1 Ch 16:4,5). (3) One of those who had foreign wives (Ezr 10:43). In 1 Esdras 9:35, "Mazitias." (4) One of the Levites who ministered before the ark with harps 1 Ch 15:18,21; 25:3,11, 2nd spelling). Henry Wallace

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