Mareshah in Smiths Bible Dictionary

(crest of a hill), one of the cities of Judah in the low country. Jos 15:44 It was one of the cities fortified and garrisoned by Rehoboam after the rupture with the northern kingdom. 2Ch 11:8 Near it was fought the great battle between Asa and Zerah. 2Ch 14:9-12 It is mentioned once or twice in the history of the Maccabaean war of independence. 2 Macc. 12:35. About 110 B.C. it was taken from the Idumaeans by John Hyrcanus. It was in ruins in the fourth century, when Eusebius and Jerome describe it as in the second mile from Eleutheropolis. South-southwest of Beitjibrin --in all probability Eleutheropolis-and it little over a Roman mile therefrom is a site called Marash, which is possibly the representative of the ancient Mareshah.

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