Marcellus of Side in Wikipedia

Marcellus of Side (or Marcellus Sidetes; 2nd century) a native of Side in Pamphylia, was born towards the end of the 1st century, and lived in the reigns of Hadrian and Antoninus Pius, 117-161. He wrote a long medical poem in Greek hexameter verse, consisting of forty-two books, which was held in such estimation, that it was ordered by the emperors to be placed in the public libraries at Rome.[1] Of this work only two fragments remain, one Περὶ Λυκανθρώπου, De Lycanthropia, and the other Ἰατρικὰ περὶ Ἰχθύων, De Remediis ex Piscibus. Of these the former is preserved (but in prose) by Aetius.[2] The second fragment consists of about 100 verses.

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