Marcellinus in Wikipedia

Marcellinus may refer to: * Pope Marcellinus, third century pope * Ammianus Marcellinus, Roman historian * Marcellinus (writer), author of the life of Thucydides * Marcellinus (magister officiorum) (d. c. 351), officer of Emperor Constans and of usurper Magnentius * Marcellinus of Gaul (d. 374), saint and evangelist * Marcellinus of Carthage (d. 413), saint and martyr * Marcellinus and Peter (d. 304), two Christian martyrs * Marcellinus (magister militum) (d. c. 468) a Roman general who took part in the invasion of Africa against Geiseric, together with Heraclius and Basiliscus * Marcellinus Comes (Count Marcellinus), an obscure 6th-century chronicler * Narcissus, Argeus, and Marcellinus, martyrs at Tomi

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