Map of the Egyptian Empire (1450 B.C.)

Map of the Egyptian Empire with the Conquest of Canaan by Thutmose III (1450 B.C.). The18th dynasty was established in Egypt during the middle of the 16th century B.C. by Ahmose (Aahmes). At this time Egypt's New Kingdom took complete control over the land of Canaan, the kingdom lasted over 400 years. It was around this time that the term "Land of Canaan" makes its first appearance in ancient historical records. The term had originated on the Phoenician coastline and certain inscriptions mention them as a class of wealthy merchants. Later the king of Babylon used it to designate the entire Egyptian province of Canaan when he wrote to Pharaoh: "Canaan is thy land and its kings are thy servants" (El-Amarna 8, 25)

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