Mantles in Smiths Bible Dictionary

the word employed in the Authorized Version to translate no less than four Hebrew terms, entirely distinct and independent in both derivation and meaning. 1. Jud 4:18 the garment with which Jael covered Sisera. 2. Rendered "mantle" in 1Sa 15:27; 28:14; Ezr 9:3,5 etc. This word is in other passages of the Authorized Version rendered "coat," "cloak" and "robe." 3. Isa 3:22 only. Apparently some article of a lady's dress. 4. 1Ki 19:13,19; 2Ki 2:8,13,14 The sole garment of the prophet Elijah. It was probably of sheepskin, such as is worn by the modern dervishes.

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