Manasseh in Naves Topical Bible

-1. Son of Joseph and Asenath Ge 41:50,51; 46:20 Adopted by Jacob on his deathbed Ge 48:1,5-20 Called MANASSES Re 7:6 -2. Tribe of Descendants of Joseph -(The two sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh, were reckoned equally among the primogenitors of the twelve tribes (taking the places of Joseph and Levi)) Adopted by Jacob Ge 48:5 Prophecy concerning Ge 49:25,26 Enumeration of Nu 1:34,35; 26:29-34 Place of, in camp and march Nu 2:18,20; 10:22,23 Blessing or Moses on De 33:13-17 Inheritance of One-half of tribe east of the Jordan River Nu 32:33,39-42 One-half of tribe west of Jordan River Jos 16:9; 17:5-11 The eastern half assists in the conquest of the country west of the Jordan River De 3:18-20; Jos 1:12-15; 4:12,13 Join the other eastern tribes in erecting a monument to testify to the unity of all Israel Misunderstood Make satisfactory explanation Jos 22 Join Gideon in war with the Midianites Jud 6; 7 Malcontents of, join David 1Ch 12:19,31 Struck down by Hazael 2Ki 10:33 Return from captivity 1Ch 9:3 Reallotment of the territory to, by Hazael 2Ki 10:33 Return from captivity 1Ch 9:3 Reallotment of territory to, by Ezekiel Eze 48:4 Affiliate with the Jews in the reign of Hezekiah 2Ch 30 Incorporated into kingdom of Judah 2Ch 15:9; 34:6,7 See ISRAEL, TRIBES OF -3. (MOSES, R. V.) Father of Gershom Jud 18:30 -4. King of Judah History of 2Ki 21:1-18; 2Ch 33:1-20 -5. Two Jews who put away (divorced) their Gentile wives after the captivity Ezr 10:30,33

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