Mamasani Archaeological Project (Iran)

The Mamasani Archaeological Project is a collaborative fieldwork expedition directed by Professor D.T. Potts (University of Sydney), Mr. K. Roustaei (2003-2005, Iranian Centre for Archaeological Research), and Mr. Alireza Asgari Chaverdi (2006-present, ICAR). The project is investigating the Mamasani district in the highlands of Fars in southwest Iran. Mamasani lies strategically on the route between the ancient highland and lowland capitals of successive early states that existed in the region, notably Elam and Persia, and is critical in understanding their origins and development. The Mamasani Archaeological Project developed from a wider survey in SW Iran undertaken by D.T. Potts, K. Roustaei, Dr. C.A Petrie (Cambridge University) and Dr. Lloyd Weeks in November 2002.

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