Main Divisions of the Book of the Song of Solomon

Chapter 1:1-2:7 - The bride expresses her deep desire to be with her lover and sings praises about him. Chapter 2:8-3:5 - The affections between the bride and her lover becomes more intimate, and she pours out more praise on the one she loves was very elaborate and exquisite analogies from nature. Chapter 3:6-5:1 - King Solomon gives his praise, as does the bride, and the engagement takes place. Chapter 5:2-6:9 - The bridegroom goes away for a period of time, and during his absence the bride longs for his return and continues to give him praises. Chapter 6:10-8:4 - This section contains some very descriptive verses describing the beauty of the bride. Chapter 8:5-14 - The conclusion deals with the durable eternal bond of consummated love.

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