Magnus Maximus in Roman Biography

Maxi-mus, [Fr. Maxime, mik'sem'; It. Massimo, mas'se-mo, ] (Magnus Clemens,) a usurper of the Roman empire, was a native of Spaiti. Having for several years commanded the Roman army in Britain with success, he revolted against Gratian about 381 A.D., and was proclaimed emperor by his soldiers. He then invaded Gaul to offer battle to Gratian, who was defeated, or fled without fighting, and was killed in 383. Theodosius and Valentinian recognized him as Emperor of Gaul, Spain, and Britain. Attempting to obtain Italy also by conquest, he was defeated by Theodosius, taken prisoner, and executed in 388 A.D. See Le Beau, " Histoire du Bas-Empire ;" Tillemont, " Histoire des Empereurs."

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