Lydda in Smiths Bible Dictionary

(strife), the Greek form of the name, Ac 9:32,35,38 which appears in the Hebrew records as LOD a town of Benjamin, founded by Shamed or Shamer. 1Ch 8:12; Ezr 2:33; Ne 7:37; 11:35 It is still called Lidd or Ludd, and stands in part of the great maritime plain which anciently bore the name of Sharon. It is nine miles from Joppa, and is the first town on the northernmost of the two roads between that place and Jerusalem. The watercourse outside the town is said still to bear the name of Abi-Butrus (Peter), in memory the apostle. It was destroyed by Vespasian, and was probably not rebuilt till the time of Hadrian, when it received the name of Diospois. When Eusebius wrote (A.D. 320- 330) Diospolis was a well-known and much-frequented town. The modern town is, for a Mohammedan place, buy and prosperous.

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