Luristan Bronze Quiver Plaque

Quiver Plaque. Western Iran, Luristan, 8th - 7th centuries B.C. Bronze. 8TH-6TH CENTURY B.C. The sheet bronze decorated with three rectangular compartments divided by moulded ribs, each bordered by rows of repouss"š bosses, similar bosses contained within the rectangles and between the dividing ribs, the narrow everted edges and each end pierced with multiple holes for attachment to the quiver, repaired with slight restoration 22 7/8 in. (58.1 cm.) long NOTES Cf. P. Calmeyer, Altiranische Bronzen der Sammlung Br"ckelschen, Berlin, 1964, p. 48, pl. 50, no. 104 for a similar example of a quiver with rectangular panels and rows of repouss"š bosses. This quiver was the original from which the replica on the Urartian archer waxwork model (lot 12) was made.

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