Lucius Junius Brutus in Roman Biography

Brutus, (Lucius Junius,) a distinguished Ron patriot, son of Tarquinia, the sister of Tarquin the Pro The king having put to death the father and elder 1 ther of Brutus, the latter feigned idiocy, gave up all 1 possessions to his tyrannical uncle, and patiently accept! the reproachful surname of Brutus,(/>." stupid, brutish, which was destined to become a titleof so much gloi his family. Aruns and Titus, the sons of Tarquin, ha ing been sent to Delphi to consult the oracle, took Bruti with them to serve for their amusement. When th< were making offerings to the god, Brutus offered a sin staff, which, however, was hollow and contained a f ring,-a significant emblem of the character of the give After the outrage done to Lucretia by Sextus the sc of Tarquin, (see Lucretia,) Brutus threw aside all <" guise, put himself at the head of the people, expelled t reigning family from Rome, and effected the abolition royalty, (509 B.C.) Shortly after, Titus and Tiberius, the his of Brutus, accused of conspiring for the restoration of Tarquin, were brought before the consular tribunal for judgment. Their guilt having been proved, is, then consul, with unconquerable patriotism and inflexible justice, condemned his own sons to death, although the people were willing that he should pardon them. In the year 507 B.C., Tarquin, who had never abandoned the purpose of regaining his kingdom, led an army against Rome, and his son Aruns and Brutus met in the field of battle and slew each other. The corpse of Brutus was carried to Rome in triumph, a statue of bronze was erected to his memory, and the Roman matrons wore mourning a whole year for the avenger of the wrongs of Lucretia. See C. L., " Dissertatio de L. J. Bruto Reipublica; Ro- Auctorc," 1721 ; P. C. ChompriS, "Vie de Brutus premier 1 de Rome, 1730.

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