Lion in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

'ariy, 'arieh ("the bearer," Umbreit); guwr, "the whelp" (Genesis 49:9); kephir, "the young lion" in adolescent vigour, his "great teeth" grown (Psalm 58:6), having his own covert (Jeremiah 25:38); labiy, in adult maturity (Genesis 49:9); libyah, "lioness"; la'ish, "an old (rather strong, from an Arabic root) lion": Job 4:11, where the five different terms occur; shachal is "the roaring lion"; labiy appears in the German lowe. The variety of names shows the abundance of lions in the regions of Scripture at that time. Now there are none in Israel. But the names Lebaoth (Joshua 15:32), Arieh (2 Kings 15:25), Ariel for Jerusalem (Isaiah 29:1-2; Isaiah 29:7), Laish (Judges 18:7), incidentally, and so undesignedly, confirm the Scripture assertions as to their former existence. ..

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