Laïs in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (1898)

The younger daughter of Timandra, probably born at Hyccara in Sicily. According to some accounts she was brought to Corinth when seven years old, having been taken prisoner in the Athenian expedition to Sicily, and bought by a Corinthian. This story, however, involves numerous difficulties, and seems to have arisen from a confusion between this Laïs and the other woman of the same name. She was a contemporary and rival of Phryné (q.v.). She became enamoured of a Thessalian named Hippolochus, or Hippostratus, and accompanied him to Thessaly, where, it is said, some Thessalian women, jealous of her beauty, enticed her into a temple of Aphrodité, and there stoned her to death (Pausan. ii. 2, 5).

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