Korah in Smiths Bible Dictionary

(baldness). 1. Third son of Esau by Aholibamah. Ge 36:5,14,18; 1Ch 1:35 He was born in Canaan before Esau migrated to Mount Seir, Ge 36:5-9 and was one of the "dukes" of Edom. (B.C. 1790.) 2. Another Edomitish "duke" of this name, sprung from Eliphaz, Esau's son of Adah. Ge 36:16 3. One of the "sons of Hebron," in 1Ch 2:43 4. Son of Izhar the son of Kohath the son of Levi. He was leader of the famous rebellion against his cousins Moses and Aaron in the wilderness, for which he paid the penalty of perishing with his followers by an earthquake and flames of fire. Nu 16; 26:9-11 The particular grievance which rankled in the mind of Korah and his company was their exclusion from the office of the priesthood, and their being confined --those among them who were Levites-- to the inferior service of the tabernacle. Korah's position as leader in this rebellion was evidently the result of his personal character, which was that of a bold, haughty and ambitious man. (B.C. 1490.) In the New Testament Jude 1:11 Korah is coupled with Cain and Balaam.

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