Kenaz in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

(See JEPHUNNEH .) 1. Son of Eliphaz, Esau's son. A duke of Edom (Genesis 36:15; Genesis 36:42). Founder of the family of Kenezites (adopted into Israel), of whom were Caleb and Othniel (Joshua 14:14). 2. Caleb's grandson, but the "and" (even) before "Kenaz" in 1 Chronicles 4:15 shows a name has fallen out. 3. Younger brother of Caleb and father of Othniel (Joshua 15:17). But Keil with the Masorites translated "Othniel the son of Kenaz (i.e. the Kenezites) and (younger) brother of Caleb." Caleb gave him his daughter to wife, a marriage in Keil's view not forbidden in the law. "The Kenizzites" of Genesis 15:19 either had ceased to exist before Joshua, or probably Moses added their name subsequently, as those descendants of Kenaz were adopted into Israel subsequently, to whom Caleb belonged.

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