Judah in Naves Topical Bible

-1. Son of Jacob Ge 35:23 Intercedes for Joseph's life when his brothers were about to kill him, and proposes that they sell him to the Ishmaelites Ge 37:26,27 Takes two wives Ge 38:1-6 Lives at Chezib Ge 38:5 His incest with his daughter-in-law Ge 38:12-26 Goes down into Egypt for corn (grain) Ge 43:1-10; 44:14-34; 46:28 Prophetic benediction of his father upon Ge 49:8-12 The ancestor of Jesus Mt 1:2,3; Re 5:5 -2. Tribe of Prophecies concerning Ge 49:10 Enrollment of the military forces of At Sinai Nu 1:26,27; 2:4 At Bezek 1Sa 11:8; 2Sa 24:9 On the plain of Moab Nu 26:22 Place of, in encampments and the march Nu 2:3,9; 10:14 By whom commanded Nu 2:3 Moses' benediction upon De 33:7 Commissioned by God to lead in the conquest of the promised land Jud 1:1-3; with 1:4-21 Make David king 2Sa 2:1-11; 5:4,5 Rebuked by David for lukewarmness toward him after Absalom's defeat 2Sa 19:11-15 Accused by the other tribes of stealing the heart of David 2Sa 19:41-43 Loyal to David at the time of the insurrection led by Sheba 2Sa 20:1,2 Is accorded the birthright forfeited by Reuben 1Ch 5:1,2; 28:4; Ps 60:7 Loyal to the house of David at the time of the revolt of the ten tribes 1Ki 12:20 Inheritance of Jos 15; 18:6; 19:1,9 -3. Name of two exiled priests Ezr 10:23; Ne 12:8 -4. A Benjamite Ne 11:9 -5. A prince or priest who assisted in the dedication of the walls of Jerusalem Ne 12:34,36

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