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jo'-zef (yoceph; Ioseph): 1. In the Old Testament: (1) The 11th son of Jacob and 1st of Rachel (see separate article). (2) The father of Igal of Issachar, one of the 12 spies (Nu 13:7). (3) A son of Asaph (1 Ch 25:2,9). (4) A man of the sons of Bani, who had married a foreign wife (Ezr 10:42). (5) A priest of the family of Shebaniah in the days of Joiakim (Neh 12:14). 2. In the Apocrypha: (1) Son of Zacharias, defeated by Gorgias circa 164 BC (1 Macc 5:18,56,60). (2) Called a brother of Judas Maccabeus in 2 Macc 8:22, probably by mistake for John. (3) Great-grandfather of Judith (Judith 8:1). 3. In the New Testament: (1) The husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus (see special article). (2, 3) The name of 3 ancestors of Jesus according to the King James Version (Lk 3:24,26,30); the name of two according to the Revised Version (British and American), which reads "Josech" in Lk 3:26. (4) A Jew of Arimathea in whose sepulcher Jesus was buried (Mt 27:57, etc.; see article). (5) One of the brethren of Jesus, according to the Revised Version (British and American) (Mt 13:55, the King James Version "Joses"). the King James Version and the Revised Version (British and American) both have "Joses" in Mt 27:56; Mk 6:3; 15:40,47. (6) Joseph Barsabbas (Acts 1:23; see article). (7) Joseph, surnamed Barnabas (Acts 4:36, the King James Version "Joses"; see BARNABAS). S. F. Hunter

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