Joah in Smiths Bible Dictionary

(whose brother (i.e. helper) is Jehovah). 1. The son of Asaph,a nd chronicler or keeper of the records to Hezekiah. Isa 36:3,11,22 (B.C. 776.) 2. The son or grandson of Zimmah, a Gershonite. 1Ch 6:21 3. The third son of Obed-edom, 1Ch 26:4 a Korhite, and one of the doorkeepers appointed by David. (B.C. 1014.) 4. A Gershonite, the son of Zeimmah and father of Eden. 2Ch 29:12 5. The son of Joahaz, and annalist or keeper of the records to Josiah. 2Ch 34:8 (B.C. 623.)

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