Jesus Descended from the Tribe of Judah

Matt 1:2 Abraham begot Isaac, Isaac begot Jacob, and Jacob begot Judah and his brothers. . . Key Points: - When Jacob blessed his sons he seems to have split the birthright, designating Judah as a line of Messianic promise, and pronouncing national prestige on Joseph's son Ephraim. -The scepter was always the place of authority. -The word "Shiloh" is commonly taken to be a name for the Messiah. - Judaism and Christianity take "Shiloh comes" to mean "that which belongs to him." - The Tribe of Judah produced King David, and David's family produced Christ. - It is obvious that Shiloh refers to a person because "to Him shall be the obedience.." - After God rejected Saul, who was from the tribe of Benjamin, as King over Israel, He placed David, who was from the tribe of Judah, on the throne. The throne of Israel was to belong to Judah until the Messiah (Shiloh) came. - According to the full prophecy Judah was to bear the scepter with victorious, lion-like courage, until in the future "Shiloh" was to descend from Judah.