Jesus Came to Save All Mankind

Matt 15:21 Then Jesus went out from there and departed to the region of Tyre and Sidon. Key Points: - The Gentile Savior will be Jewish. - Jesse was David’s father. The Messiah would come from Jesse’s family line. - "In that day" speaks of the future Messianic kingdom. - The word "root" in Hebrew is "shoresh" and speaks of a sprout that springs up from a dead tree. Rev 22:16 calls Jesus the root and offspring of David. - A banner or ensign was lifted up in the sight of an army, or to rally people together. - Jesus’ crucifixion was a clear banner for all nations to see (John 12:32). - When the Gentiles "seek" the Messiah the word implies that they will seek Him for salvation and protection. - God’s resting place would no longer be the Temple but within His own people who would also include the Gentiles (Heb. Goyim). (see Isaiah 60:13). - His resting place will be glorious (full of glory and honor).

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