History of Israel: Hellenistic and Maccabean Era Rulers

by Felix Just S...J. Ph.D. PTOLEMIES (rulers in Egypt) mentioned in the Bible (Deuterocanonical books) and Apocrypha:Ptolemy I "Soter" (a.k.a. Ptolemy Lagi) - one of the Greek generals who fought each other in the Wars of the Diodochi (not directly named, but alluded to in the dreams and visions of Daniel 2:3, 41-43; 7:20a, 24a; 8:8, 22); founder of the dynasty that rules Egpyt and surrounding territories for most of the three centuries before Christ; founded the famous library of Alexandria.[Ptolemy II "Philadelphus" - advanced the hellenization of Egypt and the prominence of Alexandria; had the Septuagint (LXX) translated; not mentioned in Bible][Ptolemy III "Euergetes" - not mentioned in the Bible]Ptolemy IV "Philopator" - (3 Macc 1:2; 3:12; 7:1)[Ptolemy V "Epiphanes" - his crowning is commemorated on teh Rosetta Stone; not mentioned in the Bible]

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